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Katy Moffatt - Midnight Radio

Katy Moffatt - Midnight Radio

Katy Moffatts latest is fairly straightforward singersongwriter music: The words are clearly the focus, though her thin voice wears them well and the Spartan playing provides a solid foundation. Her previous album on Watermelon, Hearts Gone Wild, was all about love: five of its 12 songs had the word heart in the title. Midnight Radio looks more outward: Song topics bounce between stories of migrant workers, sojourner truth, growing up, Dylan Thomas, and even Christmas, as well as the more standard interpersonal relationships. The breadth of coverage isnt a problem, but the depth is, as Moffatt doesnt provide the hooks or the resonance to consistently pull the listener into what shes trying to do. Such a lack of connection between song and listener makes Midnight Radio come off as an album that sounds pretty but ultimately is not convincing.