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Lasso Spells - Un Deux Trois PREMIERE RELEASE

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Lasso Spells - Un Deux Trois 


The new single from Lasso Spells “Un Deux Trois” is the latest single from the Nashville based project’s new album Bohemian Mechanics. The brainchild of singer/musician/songwriter Brett Dudash, Lasso Spells first emerged in 2015 and released their debut album Stuck in a Shape shortly thereafter in 2016. The new album promises to continue evolving and refining Dudash’s same evocative mix of infectious melodies, skewed surf guitar, and even mild classic country influences via pedal steel. The slightly hallucinatory qualities of Dudash’s voice layers “Un Deux Trois” with pathos and has a distinctive tone unlike anyone else on the indie scene today.

The reverb soaked guitar melodies has a slightly melancholic during the verses, but he summons some psychedeliczed dive bombs to help punctuate the chorus and peppers the arrangement with curt flourishes of distorted guitar. His guitar solo doesn’t have any sort of hamfisted histrionics threatening to drag down the song but elevates the performance instead. At closer listen, Dudash’s voice is slightly reminiscent of Robyn Hitchcock’s, but the resemblance is inconsequential as anything else but providing a general frame of reference for newcomers. His deceptively powerful voice weaves its way through the verses, but summons up some impressive vocal power for the chorus that cuts through the reverb and echo saturated musical landscape. 

The lyrics sparkle with an enigmatic, yet suggestive, tone that leaves possible interpretations open for listeners. He has a deft turn as a songwriter packed into every verse and the lean economy of his writing reflects the same musical focus. Dudash gives the words added impact thanks to his phrasing and he has audible confidence in his ability to put the lyrical content over in a dramatic, yet never overwrought, fashion. Despite the assortment of effects applied to the track’s sound, “Un Deux Trois” sounds like Dudash entered the studio with a clear-eyed vision of what he hoped to accomplish with the song and the final result stands up under repeated listens.  There’s a full musical world contained within the song’s four minutes nineteen seconds. 

Stripped of its atmospherics, “Un Deux Trois” is still a biting and melodic rock track with its fundamentals mastered and stylishly delivered. This isn’t an indie act and it’s nothing short of a minor injustice if Dudash’s Lasso Spells can’t expand its musical reach into the mainstream. There’s nothing about his sound rendering his music inaccessible to a wide audience, its melodic strengths garner instant attention, and the retro qualities of “Un Deux Trois” are tempered by its idiosyncratic character. It’s as well rounded as rock music you’ll hear today.

 Lasso Spells’ Bohemian Mechanics is, likewise, positioned to be one of the best album releases from the genre in recent memory. There’s nothing shallow about what Dudash pulls off with his music – he never treats any traditional sound with reverence, like a butterfly trapped under glass, but revitalizes these forms instead. Thank you, Brett Dudash, for giving me one more of those musical experiences when I discover a new artist who sounds familiar, but different as well – and, best of all, new.


Mindy McCall