Album Review

Long Time No Time 0ffers wildly eclectic influences on new album

Long Time No Time - First Time Full Time


Long Time No Time is a horn-fueled group with a unique passion for eclectic music that has  an experimental twist, wildly incorporating  ska, blues, klezmer, metal, and Latin swing. Their sound combines the edge of rock with the sophistication of jazz, making for a fun, lively and colorful mix. Recently, the group released a new album, First Time Full Time, which stands out for its diverse outlook on music.

If you enjoy the work of unorthodox bands the likes of Streetlight Manifesto, The Cat Empire, or Diablo Swing Orchestra, you are definitely going to enjoy the band’s sound and feel. The thing that really feels unique about the group’s formula is definitely their amazing way to engage with the audience, and create a really engaging, joyful and convivial atmosphere that binds the crowd and the band together. The energy and the positive vibes are palpable, and the enthusiasm for great music is shared from band to audience, and vice versa.