Album Review

Longing Happens Here

Carry Me Ohio - Stonewall

I came out of retirement as a music writer to make a few comments about this album, which I’ve been anticipating for some time. It was a great decision. With Stonewall, Carry Me Ohio has crafted a lovely collection of tunes that fit somewhere along the middle arc of yearning and reminiscence. There’s a touch of melancholy, both lyrically and sonically, that is a thread here, but that’s not to say the songs drag. They don’t. Front to back, dynamically, there’s a good mix of down, mid, and uptempo to keep you engaged in the songwriting. And man they got some killer guitar tones put to tape. A lot of warmth in that department.


It occurs to me as I listen that this is a road trip album. Best experienced with quality speakers and a long stretch of open road. Out there, alone, you can wonder with the band about what might have been, acknowledge your regrets, and sing out loud to the love of your life.

- Darren Thornberry, Stubborn Sounds