Album Review

Lou Lanza remodels Billy Joel classics in dynamic jazz versions

Lou Lanza - Scenes from an Italian: The Billy Joel Project

Billy Joel has been a beloved and all-around well-received performer pretty much ever since the beginning of his career. He always had a special way to convey emotions through deceptively simple melodies and understated lyrics that arguably come from a very personal experience. Joel’s ability to convey real feelings is perhaps one of the many reasons behind the success of the artist and his lasting popularity, even after so much time.

Throughout the years, there have been many fantastic tributes to the performer, but perhaps nothing as unique as Lou Lanza’s excellent Scenes from an Italian: The Billy Joel Project. This charismatic artist set out to handpick and remodel some of his favorite Joel compositions in order to add his own twist to them. The songs are reinvented according to Lanza's keen love of jazz songwriting and performance, making for a truly special and dynamic feel. The original ideas and core melodies are still there, yet it is amazing to hear how they can be adapted to suit different styles.