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The Lulls release "Not Bad" (Single)

The Lulls - Not Bad











The Lulls release "Not Bad" (Single)


We’re gazing at the stars that dot a thick blanket of sky on a hot summer night. It’s one of those kind of nights where it’s more humid than it is hot, and the saturated air makes it a little harder to breathe. The stars glimmer in the distance as The Lulls strut into the picture, the grind of their play seeming to ascend towards the heavens above us. In “Not Bad,” their brand new single, it’s pointless to try and fight past the pastoral imagery that’s illustrated in the opening bars of the song, and if you open yourself up to their bucolic nature, you’ll find yourself completely at one with the beat of The Lulls’ drum in no time.

The vocals are what punctuate the sky like shooting stars tonight, leaving a trail of colorful stripes as they fire past our eyes. If we follow the stars, we’ll discover that The Lulls’ real intent is to show us different parts of our galaxy in this audiological journey, and rather than getting intimidated by the ambitiousness of their notion, it’s much more fun to embrace their cathartic stride. The bassline acts as a compass and the guitars seem to shine a light through the blackness of space. Even if you’re alone in your room with a pair of headphones on, it feels like this band is playing right in front of us, watching our every move.


In “Not Bad,” The Lulls demonstrate to us just how capable they are of doing just about anything they want, no matter how bombastic or sensuously understated the project may be. By highlighting the contrast in this composition, they’re not just showing off an aesthetical duality that makes their sound multilayered and calculated, they’re giving us a glimpse into what post-millennial rock n’ roll is going to sound like. I don’t know about anyone else who has listened to their work, but I like what I’m hearing so far.

By the end of this song, I was completely hypnotized by the slow, plodding majesty of what I had just heard and couldn’t resist immediately searching the internet in hopes of discovering even more content from The Lulls. Their style is at once progressive and stirring while not overstating its elegance to the point of self-righteousness. That isn’t something that I’m able to say about the majority of rock bands that I cover, let alone the ones started in the last decade. There’s something different about them, and this could be the song that breaks their music into the mainstream.

“Not Bad” does more than live up to its name; it straight up exceeds it. There haven’t been a whole lot of reasons to get excited about rock music lately, but The Lulls’ output is definitely a spark of hope for fans of the most sensational subgenre of pop music. If you’re looking for rock music that is as intellectually stimulating as it is rousing to the ears, I recommend checking out “Not Bad” and the collective works of The Lulls as soon as you have the chance.


Mindy McCall