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Marc Daniels Pushes the Envelope of Creative Possibilities in 'The Starting Line' Album

Marc Daniels - The Starting Line

'The Starting Line' Artwork

Marc Daniels pushes the envelope of creative possibilities in his latest LP The Starting Line, infusing contemporary country in a hybrid performance art form of originality that holds to its true roots meshing with an intrinsic modern rock sound. His ability to piece together a variable set of tracks into one cohesive composition accurately displays his ingenuity in this competitive genre. The vocals have an assertiveness that cannot be discounted coupled with a harmonic melodic sound that serves as a unique aspect of his music.

The twangy guitar portions pay homage to the traditional country fundamentals while implementing subtle distortion to give the music a gruffness that makes it both genuine and stimulating. This album differentiates itself from the rudiments of country music where songs can sometimes be deemed as monotonous and possess a copy/paste execution within the confines of today’s industry artists. The hammer and pull-offs demonstrate complicated picking patterns that swing in an intriguing motion within the uniform mixes. Furthermore, it takes a truly talented musician to achieve this type of sound and proves his dedication to the form.  The Starting Line contains a type of fluidity that taps into the minds of free-spiritedness that is both liberating and self-assuring.

The audio engineering on this album was exceptional where every characteristic resonated on a professional level throughout the album’s infrastructure. The vision of instrumentation encapsulated authentic frequencies that cannot be reproduced or replicated by amateur aspiring artists. The chord progressions moved with a tranquil fluidity that fluctuated with precision at designated points in the album that were carefully orchestrated. The percussive elements contain a reverberated aspect providing a live eminence that music heads would find both endearing and familiar. This further reinforces the impeccable songwriting skills this musician holds while maintaining an assortment of diversity in his compositions. Daniel’s signature sound resonates within every facet of this album where it possesses an intangible tonality that is congruent to his impressive musical faculties.

 “Redheads” was the perfect kick off track for the album with a nice lush guitar rhythm section and an exciting arrangement of dynamic performance pieces. The vocals hold a consistent vibrato throughout the duration of the song while incorporating key instruments to support the primary verse structures. “Redheads” is a light-hearted song that sets the tone for the rest of the album and gets the listener hooked.

“How We Roll” is a great track where lyrics are syncopated to the tempo of the music and sung a pitch lower to give them a gritty edge while motioning back-and-forth in octaves. The string sections lift up the presence of the song in an optimistic fashion while the thick guitar sound keeps the composition grounded to its true nature. The solo portions of the track maintain an unpredictability that exemplifies curiosity and elation.

“Bring Me Back To You” – This song was truly established from the heart as it reverberates throughout every constituency of this single. The arpeggiated piano keys hold magnificent configurations of notes while the guitar fills in the omitted fragments. The duet provides a yin-yang type feel where features are incorporated into the album to give it a sense of depth at a crucial part in the concluding tracks. The power chords provide a smooth rock sensation that really compliments the natural progression.

Other notable tracks would be “The Way You Do With Me” and Marc’s recent single “Summer Song.” Each song exhibits Marc’s vocal dexterity and broad range that captures the listener on a musical journey, revealing his genuine stories. This might be Marc’s starting line but there is no stopping his authentic music from infiltrating a music scene that has been slacking – This is simply a breath of fresh air for music enthusiasts in the country domain.




-Carson C. Lee