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Mariel Buckley – Motorhome

Mariel Buckley - Error

Dear Gillian.  You have just wasted 45 mins of my time trying to find Mariel Buckley.  But it was well wasted.  She is goooood.  Eventually got it on Bandcamp.  We Irish (yes I live there) are not very good at finding things.  Thanks for your excellent review.

Mariel's site just went up this weekend, apparently. 

Sorry for the chase.

Yes, was more than a bit hard to find online. Search her name on Bandcamp and you come up with zilch.  Click the link on her website for "buy on iTunes" and you get to a Bandcamp page offering downloads.  Go figure.   Links would be good, when they make sense.

And I know artists need to make a living, but $12 minimum is a little steep for a Bandcamp download.

It's not only Loretta that Mariel is channelling.  Big Big Love, first song on Mariel's album, was by Wynn Stewart (, and covered oh-so-excellently by Alberta's own k d lang ( Interesting, since kd at the time was channeling Patsy Cline (hence her band, The Reclines).

Mariel's nice version can be heard at

Good to see that I was not the only one who had problems finding the album.  I too tried putting her name into Bandcamp and got negative result.  It was only when I went to google and typed in "Mariel Buckley Motorhome" that I got the bandcamp link.  You obviously did a bit more research than I did.  k d lang and Mariel both from Alberta.  What do these Canadians put in the water.  For the size of the population compared to USA they punch way above their weight.