Album Review

A Matter of Production

Dawes - We're All Gonna Die

Just what I was afraid of.

I came to Dawes just a year or so ago, and I absorbed their first four albums in that span. So while I'm a big fan now, I'm not a long time one. That's why the new sound on this album is not a disappointment, but an excitement. Many of their past songs fell into a mid-tempo melodic groove with some catchy hooks and poignant lyrics. So hearing the sonic embellishments on this album and new rhythms and instrumentation is a fresh take on the old sound. And the "old" Dawes is still there; I can't think of a better ballad they've done than "Roll Tide."

Thanks for the post, Jeff. I'm glad that the album lands for you and hope that it will for others as well. I still find too much of it, including "Roll Tide," over produced, a bit sentimental lyrically, and somewhat predictable melodically. But again, I hope it lands with others. I listen to the Dawes quite a bit and have seen the band live three times, so I certainly wish them well.