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Mayflies Usa - Walking In A Straight Line

Mayflies Usa - Walking In A Straight Line

Two minutes, 57 seconds. That's all the time it takes for the Mayflies USA to establish in the opening title track that they have a way with a perfect pop song. "Got a car/You can drive it/You can drive it into town anytime that you want," sings Adam Price, buoyed by a melody that bounces around the walls like a superball. The lyrics are hardly the stuff of think-tanks, in that tune or most any other on the album, but they understand the more crucial matter that the words must match the movement of the moments amid the structure of a song. Mayflies USA prove this repeatedly on Walking In A Straight Line, from the would-be love-song "The Greatest Thing" to the enigmatic but infectious "Malaysia" to the hey-now kiss-off "The Good Girls Goodbye" to the room-number remembrance "123". Price and fellow frontman Matthew McMichaels complement each other's strengths as songwriters and singers, while Matthew Long and David Liesegang fill out the band's sound with a tight togetherness that frees the harmonies to float above it all. They won't be coming down anytime soon.