Album Review

Miko Montgomery delivers real magic on "Why Are We Here?"

Miko Montgomery - Why Are We Here?

To Miko Montgomery, jazz is an attitude, a mentality.

A "jazz magician," Montgomery actually has his own musical style which he has called Technodelic Jazz, a fusion of funk, jazz, and electronica. His latest single “Why Are We Here?” is reminiscent of '80s synth-pop. Even its video can be compared to an MTV classic during the Reagan Age. Both share the same overall theme of looking for reasons; reasons that can validate our existence in this world. Montgomery walks past through the crowds, discovering different facets of human life. It will seem like he is looking for an answer that could not be found anywhere he went to. In other words, it's a man having an existential crisis, searching for meaning but finding only emptiness.

The music and the visuals are perfectly matched. The melodies used in the song has a techno vibe yet vaguely psychedelic at the same time. The lyrics are meaningful and can be compared to a poetry. Montgomery has a mystical quality about him in both sound and vision, like part Doctor Strange, part Batman. He is a throwback to the days when rock stars adopted larger-than-life personas. Not only that, he is able to prove that with capable hands, music can be used to influence, preach, and affect. “Miko Magic” is real, indeed.

"Why Are We Here?" reveals that Montgomery's creativity has reached a new level. He does an excellent job in crafting a song that has psychological and emotional impact on its listeners. Montgomery seems to want to stretch the limits of a person’s ability to perceive the universal truth and appreciate good music all at the same time. He is asking a question that all of us have been waiting an answer for.