Album Review

Monkee Revival

The Monkees - Good Times

Artist The Monkees
Album Good Times
Label Rhino
Other tags rockpop

I believe Schlesinger wrote the song for the film, "That Thing You Do", which sounds as 1965-68 as any song I've ever heard, so I am not surprised he could contribute something akin on this...he's a pop music jukebox...had no idea this even came out...always liked a lot of the stuff Nesmith did post Monkees too...

Wow! I never thought I'd be interested in a Monkee's release but your review makes me curious. The contributing guest contributors are impressive like the Fountain of Wayne's frontman whose band makes glorious pop music and Nesmith was always impressive but usually eschews these Monkee reunions so I was surprised to see him on board. And even their old songs like "Last Train to Clarksville" were actually quite good. If you doubt that check out the cover by jazz great Cassandra Wilson.

I'm with you Dennis, and I've heard that Cassandra Wilson cover...quite a fine you, I loved FOW...great music...

Being a Monkee fan for 50 years and a Nesmith fan to this day, I was bowled over with the quality of this album.  On the other hand, I can't believe the so called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame continues to ignore one of the all time most popular pop bands in music.  This should have been the year they at least made the ballot. The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame again this year!