Album Review

Moonsville Collective Offer A Stunning Travelogue on Their Latest EP

Moonsville Collective - Moonsville Collective II

California’s Moonsville Collective return with their latest EP, Moonsville II, on April 21st. The second in their four-volume series, the EP is a road trip of sorts that finds the listener traveling from London to LA and places in between with songs that continue to highlight the quintet’s impactful storytelling, lush indie-folk melodies, and sweet harmonies. Featuring Corey Adams (vocals, guitar, banjo), Matthew McQueen (mandolin), Dan Richardson (dobro, vocals), Seth Richardson (bass), and Ryan Welch (vocals, guitar, banjos), Moonsville II leads with the warmth of “Hundred In The Sun”, ushers in optimism and love on “LA County Line”, and lulls you into the Crescent City on the lovingly detailed “New Orleans.” The EP is rounded out with “Rumblin and Tumblin”, a mid-tempo tune that mixes nostalgia with hope and “Sante Fe” a gorgeous ballad about returning to home and the one you love. It’s a stunning offering that already leaves you eagerly anticipating Moonsville III.