Album Review

NaNa unite ethereal atmospherics and bittersweet melodies on new EP

NaNa - Remember Me

Fascinating atmospheres blend in with classy, dreamy melodies on Remember Me, the new EP from the Japanese duo NaNa. Featuring vocalist Chikako Watanabe and guitarist/producer Shigeo Tamaru, NaNa is an eclectic music project with a passion for dream-pop. Their sound blurs the lines between different influences, with a passion for retro melodies and earnest production aesthetics.

Remember Me almost makes me think of the Smiths jamming with Slowdive: the music is ethereal and there is a lot of ambiance yet the melodies and lyrics are still quite intelligible and easy to relate to. On "Remember Me," NaNa showcase plenty of chemistry with a cohesive style that feels accomplished and direct. The EP features the title track in three different versions, including a more edgy guitar edit and an imaginative remix. In addition to that, listeners are treated to a B-side of sorts, a track named “Best Friends," which also strikes for its bittersweet melodies and sophisticated ambiance, reminding me of artists such as Blonde Redhead, among others. The production of these songs also deserves a special mention as the EP has a clean sound that still retains a lot of vibe and texture.