Album Review

New Album from Marcello Pellitteri Showcases Drumming Mastery

Marcello Pellitteri - Acceptance

Grammy-nominated jazz drummer Marcello Pellitteri is a musician of many talents. Arranger, composer, and producer, he is also a professor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where he graduated cum laude. His new album Acceptance is a full showcase of his talent and artistry.

The first track often gives the first impression of what listeners should expect on an LP, and “Special K” has all the fingerprints of a musical genius. It is musical buffet of jazz, rock, and soul with every genre providing exquisite flavors. An exhilarating sensory experience at every turn, this song highlights the superior drumming skills of Pellitteri. It is unabashed, powerful, and bold. The bass and drums mix is a match made in heaven. The track is so thrilling it can be used for a James Bond film or a crime drama. Pelliteri’s brazen drum beats face off with the guitar riffs in an exhibition of pure talent. The track continues to intensify until the end, with almost breathless rhythms that only a great artist can execute flawlessly.

“Rock House” is where rock meets jazz and funk, and they all had a blast. This composition has the element of surprise written all over it. It starts off somewhat mysteriously with a superb bass and lead guitar solo. It then shifts to an upbeat tempo with Pellitteri’s beats unifying everything together. Although most of the highlights in this track are on the string instruments, his percussion is the one that gives that much needed oomph in the song. The tension between intensity and subtlety is what makes this song incredible.

The beautifully haunting “Silent Song” is a slow track that almost verges on being theatrical but in a good way. It is dramatic, poignant, and effervescent. It's musical irony with the subtleties of every instrument having a powerful effect on the harmony. There is a constant unveiling in this song despite the lack of words. The sweet yet enigmatic humming heightens the orchestra’s incredible accompaniment in the background. There are no words in this track, just humming, but surprisingly it’s more than enough. It’s so spellbinding you wouldn’t want it to end.

Acceptance is a musical montage of contemporary jazz, coalescing with different genres to create a distinct sound that appeals not only to jazz enthusiasts but also to music lovers in general. His percussion prowess brings life and vigor to each track. May it be something as intense as jazz rock or as captivating as classical jazz, Pelliteri is able to elevate his beats to the music of the moment, making each track uniquely and masterfully his.