Album Review

New Cameron Mizell album blurs line between ambient and jazz

Cameron Mizell - Memory/Imagination

Cameron Mizell is a guitarist and composer with a passion for jazz, avant-garde, and experimental textures. Mizell's new album, Memory/Imagination, has been released through Destiny Records, a label based in Austin, Texas. The album features nine tracks which blur the lines between experimental ambient music and jazz, not unlike the work of forward-thinking artists such as Marc Ribot or John Zorn, just to mention but a few.

The minimalistic album artwork, which has a suggestive greyscale feelto it, really speaks volumes to what you can expect from this music. The compositions are spontaneous and essentialist, often based on textural drones, and on the subtle gaps between dissonance and melody.

The tasteful use of effect is particularly unique, as different effects seem to be used to create loops and textures to create conversations of sorts with the lead guitar lines. The album is mainly based on the fragile and crystal clear tones of Mizell’s clean electric guitars, making for a distinctive and edgy feel. Memory/Imagination stands out as an eclectic collection of songs, which reflect on Cameron's penchant for melody, as well as exploring his most forward-thinking aspirations.