Album Review

New Kome Udu album is intimate and therapeutic

Kome Udu - Spirit Overflow

Many artists out there are seemingly trying to release music with a sense of social, spiritual, or political commitment, but much of the time, the content rings untrue because some performers sadly are only trying to use such topics as currency, hoping the gain visibility and jump on the bandwagon when it comes to important issues. Thankfully, there are just as many musicians who are deeply committed to using their music to make a difference and share positive messages with their audience.

This is certainly the case of Kome Udu, a gifted singer/songwriter who recently released an astonishing new studio work, Spirit Overflow. The album is laced with tuneful melodies and a peaceful, yet energetic groove that feels warm and engaging. As the title of the record might imply, this music can help you achieve a highly meditative state and find a moment of peace for yourself. It’s quite amazing for me to be able to lay back and listen to these songs right now, particularly after spending my entire day in a traffic jam. Spirit Overflow is almost therapeutic, with a stark and powerful concept that speaks to listeners intimately.


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