Album Review

New Robert Larrabee album mixes country, rock, and pop with power and clarity

Robert Larrabee - High Water

Singer/songwriter Robert Larrabee's new album High Water is a powerful combination of different genres, including country, pop, and rock. The vision is held together by Larrabee’s honest lyricism and solid performances from an artist who has a lot to say. Larrabee’s charisma is really one-of-a-kind, and his approach really makes me think of some of the greatest interpreters in rock & roll, from Elvis Presley to Neil Young.

Armed with his trusty acoustic guitar, Larrabee set out to create a sound that feels intimate and personable, yet direct and energetic. High Water is a remarkable studio work that encapsulates so many different moods and ideas, from nostalgic lines to hopefulness and dreaming; there is really everything. Larrabee is able to convey strong personal feelings while remaining easy to relate to. His musical coordinates are a nice mix of old and new, with charming retro aesthetics blending in with modern clarity, making for a nice combination. Don’t miss out on this amazing new record because each song is worth it.