Album Review

New Will P Lyte album is daring and spontaneous

Will P Lyte - Lyte EFX

Will P Lyte is an artist who loves to tackle his creativity in a very open-ended way. Although his music could be placed under the umbrella of modern smooth jazz, it is quite hard to categorize his sound with a simple definition. Lyte loves to experiment and include different elements within his daring yet easy-listening mixes.

His recent studio release, Lyte EFX, stands out as a perfect example of the artist’s creative prowess and uncommon compositional skills. Lyte set out to capture spontaneity and vision with these songs, making for an immediate, organic, and textural release that feels sophisticated but direct and catchy. Some artists seem to think of jazz as this unmovable monolith, while artists see the genre in a different light; they see it as something fluid, an electrifying approach to musicianship that is always in motion. Lyte certainly belongs to the second category, crafting jazz-inspired songs that feel unique and personal.