Album Review

Peter Hostage blurs line between blues and jazz on new album

Peter Hostage - Uptown

Peter Hostage is a jazz artist with a classy, contemporary sound. His latest release, Uptown, is a thought-provoking album that blurs the line between genres as diverse as jazz and blues.

Uptown, featuring original compositions entirely written, performed and produced by Hostage himself, stands out as a remarkable example of his artistry. The smooth aesthetics of the production, the suave rhythm sections and the lush melodies lock in perfectly with one another, making for a very enjoyable and moody record.

Hostage unveils his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, organ, guitar, bass and drums on the songs featured within this poignant effort. Uptown stands as a powerful testament of how much a single person can accomplish with the right vision and creative inspiration. This is a must for all fans of rootsy blues and elegant jazz vibes.