Album Review

Phil Gammage Releases "Used Man for Sale"- A Modern Day Masterpiece

Phil Gammage - Used Man For Sale

Phil Gammage is an American composer and recording artist who has just released his 8th record. Perhaps his most impressive endeavor to date, Gammage takes the music world by storm with his new album, Used Man for Sale,  which features 10 of his Roots-bound songs.

Throughout the record we see Gammage take the reins not only as a performer and songwriter, but as a guitarist and harmonica players as well. The well-received record is a charming listen from start to finish. Key single on the record, "Arms of a Kind Woman," help to set the tone and bring Gammage to the spotlight.
Though he is often compared to the likes of Elvis and Scott Walker, Gammage holds his own, and tightly, as he continues to make a name for himself, not only in the Blues-Roots scene, but as an overall musician as well. Tracks such as "Maybe Tomorrow," and the title track "Used Man for Sale," offer an in depth look into Gammage as a songwriter and performer overall, as every songs shows his range and natural musical abilities.

The depth of his music speaks volume, as each piece creates a unique listening experience that will entice the did for me. Used Man for Sale is Gammage's masterpiece, and a record that will stand the test of time. I'm ready to hear more!