Album Review

Pianist Alex Zsolt's "Songs from the Heart" is an expressive collection of love songs

Alex Zsolt - Songs from the Heart

Pianist Alex Zsolt has created his finest work to date. His full-length album, Songs from the Heart: Love Through the Years, is a very emotional collection of songs that seem to have a personal meaning for the artist, timeless romantic classics from 1925 to 2014. This effort is an expressive series of piano pieces sweetened by guest vocals from Stephanie DeWolfe on one track and Paul Nelson's cello on two.

From classical and traditional, to modern and innovative, Zsolt is a well-versed pianist who understands how to reference influences without necessarily going piggyback on them. In other words, he learned the lesson from the most iconic jazz artists and mastered something that he can proudly call its own. On Songs from the Heart: Love Through the Years, the strongest element is definitely the release’s disarming simplicity. I’ve always been a strong believer that making simple music is actually one of the hardest things you could possibly do as an artist. There is just plenty of room to overthink, overproduce, and overwhelm songs with too many quirks, but Zsolt knows how to take a step back. The performances here are beautifully earnest and powerfully dynamic, making for a very intuitive and forward-thinking feel.