Album Review

Poetic Imagery and Stylistic Diversity Make New Jennifer Bellor Album Enchanting

Jennifer Bellor - Stay

Jennifer Bellor is a superbly talented musician who is not afraid to take risks. Her sublime soprano vocals coupled with her creativity to forge multiple genres make her one of the most innovative jazz artists you’ll ever encounter. Her new album Stay is a melting pot of different music styles largely based on poetry with one unifying thread—her impeccable voice. It is raw and wild with a beauty that’s so enchanting it is unforgettable.

Powerful from the very beginning, Bellor’s gorgeously haunting vocals hypnotizes in "Chase the Stars" like a seemingly innocent mermaid who will later capture you with no intentions of bringing you back. The lyrics are based on the poem "Ah! Why, Because the Dazzling Sun" by Emily Brontë. The biggest surprise in this song is the rap portion by Rasar Amani. It is a bold and avant-garde juxtaposition of two genres—opera and rap. Only a courageous artist like Bellor could concoct something like this.

Dreamy and ethereal, "Fallen Veneer" is another fantastic fusion of genres. Her evocative classical singing and flawless falsetto is accompanied by both jazz and alternative-rock elements. Think No. 5, 1945 by Jackson Pollock in music form. This high-octane, intense song is like traversing a dark, mysterious rainforest with eerie yet enthralling sounds that make you want to explore further even if your gut tells you otherwise. Listening to Bellor is like digging into wet soil with bare hands and finding rough glistening diamonds.

Fittingly titled "Nightingale," this track showcases Bellor’s astounding vocals accompanied solely by piano. It’s like watching an opera with the main performer completely immersed in the music she’s singing. Dramatic and riveting, it wraps your emotions like rushing waterfalls covering every fiber of your being. Her sublime soprano never quivered nor wavered. It is vocal perfection like no other. Mesmerizing in every way, this song is one that you will never forget.

Stay is an album of multiple layers. Each cut has a unique set of characteristics and distinct emotions. From otherworldly to firmly grounded in reality, Bellor created her own world of music with symbolisms, imagery, and poetry all fused together to form a creative synergy that is distinctly hers.