Album Review

Poised For All Occasions

Luke Elliot - Dressed For The Occasion

Luke Elliot begins his new album Dressed for the Occasion in an odd and unlikely way, tearing off on a riff that sounds straight out of “Kashmir” before launching into a full throttle tirade that allows “Get ‘Em While They’re Hot” to make a formidable first impression. Then again, Elliot’s never been the reticent type. His debut EP “Death of a Widow” and subsequent full length entry “Dressed for the Occasion” launched him on a path towards immediate accreditation, bringing him both Stateside and overseas success.

If there was ever any doubt that Elliot was deserving, the new album dispels those negative notions entirely. His forceful, authoritative vocals and turgid arrangements make songs such as “Trouble” and “This Gun of Mine” all but demand instant attention. The title track goes a step further, combining an iconic south of the border rumble with a dark cloud of menace and intimidation that Nick Cave would likely be more than pleased to call his own. Tempestuous piano ballads also carve out a specific niche, rich in drama and defiance in their solitary statements. 

Clearly, Elliot’s not out to mess about, and as a result, Dressed for the Occasion is one of those albums so striking and substantial that one can’t help but believe that future stardom is all but assured. A powerful presence, possessing both finesse and fury, Luke Elliot is an artist for all occasions.