Album Review

PREMIERE: Anna/Kate Band -- "I Run With You"

Anna/Kate Band - How to Hold

If you haven't heard of the Anna/Kate Band you're in for a treat. The pair craft intricate, perfectly-harmonized folk pop tunes with quite a bit of weight. "I Run With You" is released on the eve of the anniversary of what is truly the darkest timeline taking shape. In all seriousness, though, Anna and Kate have crafted an urgent anthem that reflects their participation in Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Sandy, 350’s Climate March, the Women’s March, and, of course, Trans* Day of Action and the Dyke March. The three of us probably walked (or in this case, ran) alongside each other and didn't realize it. As a fellow queer educator, the band holds a special place in my heart. "I Run With You" reminds us of our common bonds as humans and what we all have to lose regardless of our political affiliations if we don't take a stand.


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