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PREMIERE: Hang Rounders -- Outta Beer, Outta Here

Hang Rounders - Outta Beer Outta Here

Dive bars are dying out in cities, but that doesn't mean the music that accompanies them has to or should. Denver's Hang Rounders know what it takes to make a damn good drinking song -- a little bit of melancholy with a double shot of orneriness and a whole lot of noise. Recorded at the Bomb Shelter, you know that Outta Beer, Outta Here has both a stamp of grade-A quality and the rough-and-tumble that makes it sound good. You might be listening to this on a Monday morning, but Outta Beer, Outta Here will take you back through all of your Saturday night glories and misfires. Mostly the misfires. But they're way more fun when the Hang Rounders sing about them. You can grab the album for keepsies on 9/29.


It's hard to tell from the player, but you can stream the whole album! Click through to the set to explore the full album!

Hang Rounders -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

Rachel, not sure dive bars are dying out in cities, darn sure you write efficient reviews.  Wasn't keen on the song you included but you prompted me to listen, which I appreciate.

Now with the album cover!

That's a fair point. I should say that in the neighborhoods I live in and frequent, there are a lot of places that dress up as dive bars but are not, in fact, dive bars. At least not the "traditional" Irish dive bar. (But where I work in the Bronx is another story.)

Thanks for the listen! That should be the whole album stream so feel free to click around. Something for everyone in there.

A question for the ND staff:  the only reason I was aware of Rachel's review above is that I clicked "follow contributor" some time ago so that I would receive email alerts when Rachel submitted new work, or commented.  As I was scrolling through reviews (featured and community) just now, I could not find this review anywhere on ND. Either I am overlooking something (possible) or this is lost in the cracks of how ND is organized (possible). As best I can tell, no one will find this review unless they are following Rachel. Am I missing something?

I don't have an answer for this one and unfortunately I'm not sure if anyone is reading the comments.

You can in theory find this by going to Reviews --> Community Reviews but I just clicked and the most recent one with my name on it is one that got a bunch of comics thanks to trolling.

That all being said, I do posts like this for bands (or at least PR people) I like because being able to get a pull quote from No Depression (I generally don't cross-post premieres on here to my own blog) holds a lot more weight.

I'm flattered that you follow me! Thank you!

You do have followers out here write well...I also get all your reviews...I assumed they were posted somewhere, but I don't have to hunt for them by following...

The sections of this website are Stories, Columns, Reviews, Releases, Programs,  with subsections of each for "featured" and "community".  Unless I have overlooked something, this review is nowhere to be found in any section or subsection of this website.  Lost in the cracks.

I inadvertently hit submit twice...the above was my question.

I'm pretty sure the website hasn't been updated since early 2016 (Raina's deserted column).  The community reviews often add(ed) some needed wit/insight to the site but I guess the hunger for clickbait favors a(nother) Dylan concert from 1985 or infotainment/links culled from NPR, Rolling Stone, etc.

But all that's been said before so I'll leave it at "thanks for writing Rachel."