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PREMIERE: Sonia Tetlow (feat. Amy Ray) Cuts the Tripline

Sonia Tetlow - Now

Sonia Tetlow's seen her share of the road. Whether it was pounding the pavement with her Patti Smith-esque punk band STB in the late 90s and early aughts, supporting Cowboy Mouth on bass in the shortly after, leading Herman Put Down the Gun, helping to steer Atlanta's Roxie Watson, or collaborating with the heavyweights of the her native New Orleans singer-songwriter community on her solo albums, Tetlow's angular guitar playing and piercing lyrics distinguish her contributions to any project she's been on. For her latest release, Now, Tetlow looks back to move forward. The album sees her drift a little further afield from her Americana and Southern rock influences and closer towards synths, as well as a new set of musicians in her backing band, but the warmth and grit of her previous work rings true here. On "Tripline," Tetlow enlisted long-time compatriot Amy Ray to provide some vocal heft.

Now is out...well, now.

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