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PREMIERE: Thunder and Rain -- Start Believing

Thunder and Rain - Start Believing

There's a longstanding debate as to whether or not the Internet has made local scenes irrelevant. In the case of Thunder and Rain, location matters a lot. Mandolinist Peter Weber and singer/guitarist Erinn Peet-Lukes began busking together in Seattle before pursuing other paths. But Weber persuaded Peet-Lukes to rejoin him in his hometown of Golden, Colorado and here we are. Location matters because the pair are too in sync with each other to have settled for trading recordings over the Internet. Thunder and Rain's pop folk is slick and could (and should) get placement on Nashville. But Start Believing stands out for the organic warmth these songs are infused with, the kind of recording that can only be created by artists who have confidence and trust in each other.

You can stream the whole album below or click through to the Soundcloud page to hear more!


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