Album Review

Pretty Gritty shines from every angle with "Seven Year Itch"

Pretty Gritty - Seven Year Itch

There is something simply divine coming out of Portland Oregon and it's the duo Pretty Gritty. Their release Seven Year Itch is a colorful palette of their songwriting and multi-instrumental skills. Sarah and Blaine have a sound that is a timeless treasure, they also succeed in bringing something fresh to the rootsy-Americana genre. Pretty Gritty is a flawless fit.

A bold start off with 'If I Was a Carpenter' shows the grit and the amazing harmonies that these two our capable of. The simplicity of a stripped down song out the gate only means one thing; you are good!  They enchant you from the beginning.

Having shared stages with Tim O'Brian, Tony Trischka, Chris Eldridge, Rod Picott, Lake Street Dive and Joe Newberry.  This is a show you will want to see. They are equals in this project. It is their mesmerizing vocal harmonies and beautifully crafted songwriting that really tug at the heartstrings and earn them life-long fans.

'Bone to Pick' can't help but remind you of a Johnny Cash and June Carter duet. Yet they equally have their own standout style. 'Coming Loose' is a handcrafted track that again shows the perfection and beauty in their partnership.

The duo originally formed in Maryland in 2010, but after completing 2 (completely DIY) National tours, Sarah and Blaine decided to relocate to Portland, OR.  At first they hit the streets, busking downtown, but it didn't take long for folks to take notice.  Pretty Gritty are now playing at venues all over the Pacific Northwest. In 2015, Pretty Gritty began their relationship with producers Fred Cannon & Paul Buono at Creative & Dreams Music Network (Nashville, TN) where they recorded their Lonely Road EP (released Feb 2016).  Pleased with the experience, everyone decided to continue the relationship and return to the studio to record a full album, Seven Year Itch, due to release later this month.

Standout track and the single off Seven Year Itch is 'Love Don't Live Here Anymore'. The song gives you the real sense of the ups and downs of love, the nothingness’ and the hope. The video for this track captures every lyric effortlessly.

Blaine said the collective ideas of both Sarah and him were on target with Ian Rushing (Toy Box Studios) before they even discussed their wants for this video. "He simply gets it and us! The video translates the song perfectly by painting a picture that is both sad and beautiful. While outlined with hope."

'Every Road' brings an edgy country pop radio hit for the album, making it a standout addition to their collection. 'Somthing's Gotta Give' is intricately textured with stringed instruments and their breathtaking harmonies. The stylistic 'Save Yourself the Trouble' and 'The Town' again shows more in this duo's arsenal. The start to finish flow of this album is nearly perfect in every way.

Bottom line the whole album from Pretty Gritty is highly listenable and highly recommended.