Album Review

Pretty in Pinklets

The Pinklets - The Pink lets

There’s something to be said about the bonds of sisterhood -- and about having the right genes. Teenage sisters Eliza Abernathy, Lucy Abernathy and Roxie Abernathy possess all those attributes and more. The East Tennessee trio can also claim a talented dad in Kevin Abernathy, a fixture of the Knoxville music scene whose own album, aptly titled Family Hour, has just been released as well. Still, the talent the trio boasts on their own is clearly obvious on their self titled debut EP, eight songs flush with a natural upbeat energy and vitality that belies their tender years. The group has played local stages for several years and even did a set at Bonnaroo in 2016, proving that they’re far from mere newcomers or novices. Considering that wealth of experience, it’s no surprise that the Pinklets, who handle the bulk of the instrumental duties themselves, are so well versed in a sound that recalls the girl groups of the ‘80s -- the Bangles and the Go Gos in particular. That said, this is an album of serious intent, with solid songwriting and emphatic melodies that beg a repeated listen. “Careless,” “Now That I’m Here,” “Just Wanna Be With You” and all the other offerings reflect a maturity that’s both seasoned and assured. There’s no doubt that the Pinklets will be heard from frequently in the coming years, and based on this impressive debut, any future effort will be considered a welcome return.