Album Review

Prime Prine

John Prine - September 78

Nice to have this released, but can anyone tell me why a number of great John Prine albums-including Bruised Orange and Pink Cadillac-are out of print? Even Oh Boy Records, his own label, is not selling them as physical media or downloads.

I recently read Eddie Huffman's John Prine biography "In Spite of Himself" which was interesting but I didn't agree with all of his assessments of Prine's releases. At the time of its publication (2015) he said "Pink Cadillac" was the only studio album out-of-print and unavailable even on Prine's own website. I liked that album but it was hardly one of his best so it wasn't too surprising. But "Bruised Orange" is one of Prine's best albums IMO and Huffman thinks so too so I'm really surprised it's no longer in print. That really makes no sense. I was surprised to read in the book that a lot of Prine's albums got poor or mixed reviews when released including another favorite "Common Sense" which was almost unanimously panned. I didn't remember that at all.

Saw Prine's band of roughly that era, the Famous Potatoes, do a reunion show about 10 years ago at the American Music Festival at FitzGerald's in Berwyn IL.  Aside from Howard Levy, the rest of the guys named above were in the band that night, and maybe Howard was too. But the keyboard player that night, Bob Hoban, brought the house down a couple times with some wild playing. An especially memorable show.