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R. Mutt Fills In the Dash

R. Mutt - The Dash

It can be a little intimidating to review music by a band that's as old as you are. But the folks at R. Mutt are as nice as they come. The Dash, the band's fifth album, is an adrenaline rush. R. Mutt sticks to its bar room rock roots. Wafts of Springstreen and Rush will hit you like a blast furnace, but time and wisdom take the energy of the '80s and slam it into contemplative songs about mortality, the daily grind of a day job, and heartbreak long past.

Normally I don't looove the cock rock aesthetic of that time period, but R. Mutt weights it down with a sincerity and thoughtfulness that felt surprising to me. Clearly, I need to go through their back catalog in order to disabuse myself of such notions. I think what makes R. Mutt so interesting to me is their humility. They've been in this for the long haul; this music isn't about how fast you can play it, who has the sickest solo, how many people you're going to go home with after the gig. While that's an added bonus, it's about playing music from the heart and the gut. Even as songs like "In the Dash" remind us of the good old days, they caution us to stay grounded:

American dreams will fade in the haze of a drink/
and the pills that keep you up at night won't help you think 

Ultimately, it's important to learn from our youthful mistakes. But hopefully before it's too late.

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Whoa.  I stole their name? They stole my name?  They just dug up Salvador Dali's moustache this past week. Maybe it isn't too late for Marcel Duchamp to rise from the dead and sue us both!

Oh...I just assumed you were the same entity. They've been around literally for as long as I've been alive. Maybe you have the same source material?!

Hey Rachel, where is that hell-raising (possibly profanity filled) article you promised?  



A four-day weekend with the lady tends to distract one! Look out for it next week :)

Glad you had fun...but I will be looking forward to the article too...

R. Mutt the commentor, and R. Mutt the band...not one and the same...hmmmm...


Okay, that's a good excuse! Shake ND up. It needs it!

Statute of limitations has run out I think Mr. Mutt...replicas are all that's left...Alfred Steglitz took a picture, Brian Eno pissed on it, and it went out with the trash...that's the legend anyway...

C'mon Mr. Hunter, you're telling me "The Fountain" is a statue of imitations?

I think I am...Duchamp did commission some copies but the original supposedly got thrown out...

Does it matter anyway?...Duchamp said he didn't believe in art, just artists...


R Mutt, the band, seems to be based in Milwaukee. R Mutt, the person, now has a good idea for a road trip. 

As for the band, Springsteen may or may not hit me like a blast furnace (Hungry Heart hits me like a song I never want to hear again), but Rush, please, no.

I could live without Rush myself...musicianship is supposedly quite skilled, but Geddy's helium vocals didn't work for me...

Milwaukee isn't big enough for 2 R. Mutt's, IMO...