Album Review

A 'Relick' of A Debut EP

Relick - Twin House

On February 26, the Denton-based band, Relick, will release their first EP, Twin House.  Relick’s music is a unique blend of British 1960’s rock with an infusion of 1990’s alternative sounds. Relick sounds like a mix of Liz Phair, Juliana Hatfield and The Beatles, which together form an enchanting and groovy musical style.  Relick’s unique sound, replete with sing-along style rhythm guitar, beautiful vocals, and the occasional Rhodes keyboard, makes this a one-of-a- kind EP that will appeal to almost any listener.

Relick has a history as unique as their music. Trained Jazz singer Amber Nicholson from Denton, TX performed solo at jazz lounges until she met Matt Hibbard and the two bonded over The Beatles and vintage musical gear. They eventually formed a band whose name reflected their musical roots: Relick.

 “Offering,” the EP’s first song, includes infectious lyrics and gorgeous vocals, perfectly complemented with retro rhythm and solo guitar. The track builds momentum through each stanza while maintaining a warm, tranquil cadence that ensnares listeners. On “Another Life,” perhaps the best track on the EP, Nicholson plays Rhodes keyboard to add a groovy, almost psychedelic feel to their instrumentals. In “Sour Grapes,” Nicholson’s ballad discuss the emotions that swirled around her after her Dad’s passing.

 “Your honesty won’t make me shy, for the time I’m getting by, smile in the light, don’t count the years.”

Relick is a four piece band, but Nicholson’s voice carries the day. Her delightful and charming voice seamlessly fits Relick’s retro musical style. Her Jazz training clearly prepared her, more than she probably realized at the time, to front an alternative rock group.

Be sure not to miss this EP and get a glimpse into an assuredly bright future for this Denton based band.

(+words by Chris Dishman @altcbeyond+)