Album Review

Robert Plant Keeps the Fire Burning

Robert Plant - Carry Fire

Well, I have always liked Plant. Certainly his interest in the historical American songbook, and to come to Nashville evokes, at least for me, a certain maturity and realization that when one reaches social security age, ballads ( as opposed to "whole Lotta Love") is worth exploring. Dylan did realize this too I think, exemplified by is own collaboration with Area Code 615, not to mention Plant's collaboration with Buddy Miller and Band of Joy. Nashville is a place where aging icons come. (See also Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Bob Weir, and John Paul Jones.) I feel the richer for their maturity.


Mr Woodward I haven't heard the album yet apart from the soundbites and teasers.  This review is acceptable and I will most likely buy the cd. 

In my humble opinion Robert Plant has provided a massive legacy to the world of music via all the projects he has been a part of. 

I think Robert Plant and Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Bob Weir, John Paul Jones etc...have enriched Nashville equally as they may have been enriched by Nashville.  Location does not guarantee longevity - it is talent alone that does this.

Yours respectfully.....




I don't disagree in the least. Those mentioned include many of my favorites. I found it interesting so many have chosen to comr to Nashville to record. I think it reflects a time when they have mellowed in their music. And I think we are all the richer for it