Album Review

Rod Harris Jr. bridges the gaps between jazz, soul, and hip-hop on new EP

Rod Harris - Exits & Options

Rod Harris Jr. is a talented guitarist whose new release, the EP Exits & Options, bridges the gaps between jazz, soul, and hip-hop.

Produced and arranged by Harris himself, the sound of this record is quite fluid and dynamic, showcasing Harris’ ability to compose music without being restrained by any sort of creative shackle. Exits & Options is an electrifying example of contemporary jazz, and the nature of the record allows Harris to experiment with a kaleidoscopic array of influences. The melodic phrasing is excellent, and it absolutely hits the mark, merging in with the rhythmic elements within the tracks, coming up with a unique feel.

In addition to the stunning performance value, the recording quality is also on the spot, and Exits & Options comes to life through the speakers, highlighting the artist’s skills and talent. This Georgia-based musician is definitely worth keeping an eye on.