Album Review

Roy Orbison's Black and White Night Revisited

Roy Orbison - Black and White Night 30

A great show that was in it's original format...sounds like this was produced for the true afficianado...

Great review.  I have seen the original many times during PBS fund-raisers and have the CD.  You are right that all the major participants, especially Springsteen, were in awe of the man. This is an excellent example of how folks like Springsteen, Raitt, Bonamassa, Petty, lang and many other class acts heap praise on the artists who influenced them as they were growing up, as well as performing some of their songs in concerts. The Stones excellent new CD (Blue and Lonsesome) compliments the blues artists they learned from by playing their songs, some of which are not well-known by the general public, in the original style.