Album Review

Sam Post exemplifies timeless beauty of ragtime on new album

Sam Post - Dizzy Days

Unlike many contemporary jazz artists, composer/pianist Sam Post is more well-versed in the genre's stylistic origins. Traditional ragtime is a combination of classical Euro music and African/African-American rhythms. One can say that it is the first form of jazz and pop. Post's latest effort,  Dizzy Days: Ragtime Piano by Sam Post, William Bolcom, and Scott Joplin, exemplifies its timeless beauty.

Dizzy Days has 21 scintillating tracks that will get anyone completely enamored. Dizzy Days is dazzling in its knife-sharp precision and riveting craftsmanship. The title cut will surely build up all the excitement for ragtime buffs. The track is full of syncopation, interchanging tempos, and youthful exuberance. The melody has interchanging patterns that will create an ecstatic effect on its listeners. True to its title, the song will give you dizzy days because of its colorful and varied patterns. This track is excitement personified through music.

Feeling inclined already? This album will surely awaken your senses. Now get ready for an adventure that will make satisfy your soul and renew and expand your musical interests. Get the album now.

(Curator/pianist Michael Tilson Thomas will be conducting Sam Post's piece, "Sketches from Kazakhstan," at SoundBox in December 8-9 at 9 p.m., 300 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.)