Album Review

Savage Greenboro pulses with cutting-edge creativity on "My Bad Computer Heart"

Savage Greenboro - My Bad Computer Heart

Rarely do you encounter an artist who boldly takes risks in his genre. Savage Greenboro is one of those rare breeds who is not afraid to push the boundaries in classical and modern jazz. His album My Bad Computer Heart is composed of 21 short tracks, each with a story of its own. Much like the small parts of a computer, every song is a vital piece to a complex whole. Greenboro takes listeners to pockets of musical surprises, toying with your emotions like a gifted novelist pulling unexpected plot twists here and there.

"Sleep Mode" shows Greenboro's mastery of the strings. This melodious track is like a constant reawakening of the senses the way you see the colors of the ochre sunset more vividly or hear the rustle of the leaves more distinctly. "Sleep Mode" is like an interlude that you don't want to end as it keeps you in a trance where everything is unfolding slowly yet beautifully.

Using what seems like a white noise in the background, "Manual Interlude" is playful and quirky like watching a soundless black and white TV show that's comical yet satirical. In a span of merely more than one and a half minutes, "Manual Interlude" gives a full story with a lighthearted beginning before slowly intensifying to a tension that gets resolved fluidly as it comes full circle before ending in a high note both literally and figuratively.

One of the best tracks in the album, "Computer Lullaby" is evocative and poignant. Listening to it is like looking through old photographs and reading dusty love letters. Comforting and nostalgic, this track will serenade you with a million memories, forming a beautiful collage of smiles, laughter, and squinting eyes. Greenboro seemingly narrates your life through his immaculate guitar playing and unlocks priceless moments that you haven't thought of in a long while.

Greenboro not only creates music but he also tells a story. He is not afraid to break the norm. His creativity overrides rules and boundaries. This album showcases that and more. My Bad Computer Heart is where uniqueness meets the ordinary, with the former transforming the latter to something you've never heard before.