Album Review

Sheryl Crow Re-introduces Herself

Sheryl Crow - Be Myself

sheryl crow distancing herself from country - like most of the other artists on this site she is part country - and like 99% of them she is also part rock, part blues, part folk, some part jazz and oh yes part pop and probably a few other things too - after all this is an 'americana' magazine so americana is comprised of all of those genres and probably a few more - whoops how about part gospel? - 

   if it is good music what is wrong with it - music is something different to each person and so be it - it just gets awkward when you try to put it into narrow/tiny little boxes - and say your type is good and all others are not???what about artists like valerie june or lesley kernochan or corky siegel or james booker or paul horn - all of it is music your liking it or disliking it depends on your experiences with it - 


Todd Snider said (sang) it best...

"Kinda like the Phoenix Radio

We used to listen then where did it go

It went off of the air so that more Sheryl Crow could come on, come on."

from "East Nashville Skyline"