Album Review

Skyline Hotel Provides a Welcome Respite

Skyline Hotel - Sparks of Light

Unfailingly sunny and serene, Skyline Hotel -- helmed by brothers Jeff and Jon Lee of Rockville Maryland -- imbue enough effervescence and enthusiasm into the four songs on their self-produced debut EP to light up an entire anthology. That’s no exaggeration; the band’s shimmer and sparkle is a joy to behold, and given the fact that the two siblings produce and play all the instruments, save drums, percussion, some bass and synthesizer (which come courtesy of Alan Slimak and Zack Be, respectively), it’s a wonderful and remarkable accomplishment by any measure. The four songs -- “Make Me Sway,” “Winter’s Warmth,” “Oh My Dear” and “A Love I Won’t Mind” -- express all the sweetness and sentiment suggested by their titles, and the EP’s name in particular, but the care that they invest in the arrangements and the endearing and enticing melodies that result have to be heard to be appreciated. The skill that Sparks Of Light  reflects both literally and figuratively allows for a perfect pop set-up, one that’s clever but never cloying, effortless while still engaging. A most impressive bow, Skyline Hotel provides its listeners with a very warm welcome.