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South Western Songs From The North East: Cowboy & Lady Debut ‘Fool With A Song’

Cowboy & Lady - Fool with a Song

Classic Country music comes from….Providence, Rhode Island? Well, ladies and gents, in this case that is the god’s honest truth. Cowboy & Lady (the duo of Tyler-James Kelly and Jess Powers) have been engraining themselves into the local music community over the past year or two and been a favorite among local venues such as Atwoods Tavern and in their homeland of PVD. The duo has been developing a dedicated following including musicians and music lovers alike, hosting house concerts for friends passing through and playing the bars and venues of New England, injecting their blues and country sound to the local blood stream of art with much praise.

The first track off of their debut release, “Fool With A Song” feels like it could have been stripped straight out of a vinyl collection of Willie, Waylon, Kristofferson and Cash. This is classic country music at its very core. The harmonies interweaving between Kelly and Powers scream jukebox in a dive in some Texas town. And the sound of the band is part honky tonk, a dash of saloon piano, and a rhythm you can dance to while your heart breaks. The band, man the band, behind this tune is prime with Brooks Milgate on that infectious piano jangle while Duncan Arsenault and Jeremy Moses Curtis hold down the rhythm section on drums and bass, respectively. Curtis also plays double duty as co-producer with Tyler-James.

Kelly and Powers write about the project that “This album is inspired by our mutual love of classic country western & blues music. This is a light-hearted project that started in our home playing for our two huskies who turn the house into a mosh pit every time we play.”

If this is just a taste of what we can anticipate from the duo’s debut album, well sign me up for the full buffet because I am hungry for the whole hog. Check it out and download the first track for free today…and sign up for the mailing list to be aware of what’s next down the pike for Cowboy & Lady. This sh*t moves like no other.

Fool with a Song by Cowboy & Lady