Album Review

Steve Forbert Has Never Been Compromised

Steve Forbert - Compromised

Can't wait for this record.  Thanks for the thoughts on a true and fine singer-songwriter.

Well, I'm old enought to remember Steve's first record, Alive On Arrival, which formed the soundtrack for much of my late 70s life.  It was a fine record, and remains totally listenable.  I can hear the first track, Going' Down To Laurel, quite crisply, in my mind, more than 35 years later.

All his recordings have been fine, and he would have been a much bigger star had he gone along with the labels who wanted him to veer into pop.  His principled stand cost him dearly.

I thought Steve was from Meridian Mississippi and in fact garnered a Grammy nomination a few years back for his tribute to another Meridian native, Jimmie Rodgers.

Indeed he is.

One of the many New Dylans but he is his own man.

Will definitely look for this.
My all time favourite Forbert song is January 23 - 30, 1978 which has the line "Some say life is strange. Yeah but compared to what?" 

Just love the nostalgia of the going home song.