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Ted Russell Kamp - Divisadero

Ted Russell Kamp - Divisadero

Ted Russell Kamp, whose main gig is as Shooter Jennings bassist, stocks this solo outing with songs about heartbreaking, heartaching and life in a three-ring country music caravan. The album kicks off with the terrific Swinging Doors, a Nick Lowe-like poison pen letter to an ex-girlfriend. He plays the repentant bad boy on the southern-rock ballad The Last Time I Let You Down, while exposing his lonely, lovelorn side in the honky-tonkin Broke And Still Breaking and the tender Jessi Colter duet Looking For Someone. You can feel the weary road life of mile markers and meet-and-greets in the expertly detailed Another One Night Stand and The Road Keeps Getting Longer. On the funky Delbert McClinton-style tune Better Before You Were Big Time, he teams up with Shooter to delightfully skewer egotistical performers. With this impressive record, Kamp might be spending more time in the spotlight than in the shadows.