Album Review

Tommy Womack Band - Washington, D.C.

Tommy Womack Band - Washington, D.C.

Tommy Womack and his band probably don't often take the stage in snazzy, color-coordinated outfits. They likely don't smash many drum kits or bash many guitars. It's doubtful they spend a lot of time trying to cultivate a buzz in the music industry. But they do make sure to rock, as this disc, recorded live in an XM Satellite Radio studio, attests on tracks such as "Betty Was Black (And Willie Was White)", "I Don't Have A Gun", and the stomp-and-swagger tune "A Little Bit Of Sex". The band is at its best on "Skinny And Small", with Womack screaming out a twisted tale of revenge as the band pounds out the rage over being picked last in gym class. I'm not sure if rock is dead again; I haven't seen the latest memo. But based on what Womack and his band deliver here, it sounds like everything's going to be fine.