Album Review

Valentina Marino delivers knockout rendition of Bob Marley classic

Valentina Marino - Three Little Birds

At first glance, an unsuspecting listener may not even come to expect yet that Valentina Marino's "Three Little Birds" is a remake, a refreshing cover of a Bob Marley classic. Perhaps some of the most unwary or distracted of such listeners would even harbor a second listen before noticing. The flavor is very different from the reggae rendition that most have come to know and love. In fact, it is only when the oh-so-familiar words, “don’t worry about a thing ‘cuz every little thing is gonna be alright,”  are coolly sung that the listener probably would do a double-take and entertain the notion that this song might not be all that it initially seems.

Interestingly, the song is an acapella performance. It is composed all throughout of Marino’s voice. Aside from the vocals and back-up vocals, she also provided for the beat and harmony which became the backbone of the whole track. What is amusing to note is that the harmony was so nicely strung together that the fact that the track is acapella isn’t something that is readily apparent. One could just get lost in the combination of voices that it would probably not come to mind until late into the song. Needless to say, it significantly contributes to adding the artist’s personal touch to the track.

The medley of voices that open up the song sets a pretty chill and flowing tone, and, as it progresses, it eventually unravels to give the listener a “lazy day” feel. It gives the sense of wanting to glide in the air with eyes closed and arms spread wide. While listening to this track, one could almost imagine cooking breakfast on an idle Sunday morning, singing along with reckless abandon as the music is blaring at full blast or being in the passenger seat of a car moving casually on a freeway to nowhere in particular.

Marino takes the song on a somewhat different direction while staying true to the message and overall tone of the original. If anything, she even adds more positivity to the version that we have become so familiar with.  If, while listening, you get the urge to groove along or smile, there would be no blame in that. That’s what the song does. It just resonates positivity. So, if you do catch yourself smiling, that just means that the song is working its magic on you. Marino is able to take a timeless masterpiece by a legendary musician and make it her own. As far as makeovers go, this one is as solid as they come.