Album Review

Victor Steele - Factor This

Victor Steele - Factor This

Singer-songwriter Victor Steele didn’t have the most pleasant of experiences with X-Factor. Being ordered to a sing a track that isn’t in your personal catalog of covers and then chastised for performing it can certainly sting. And so with the EP Factor This, Steele stung back. While a whiff of bitterness cannot be found in any of the songs, there is a sense of Steele wanting to prove to them – and to the world – his talent, which was unjustly shoved aside. Factor This, get it?  

Steele is from Australia, but the influences here are definitely American. The sunny soft-rock of Jack Johnson and acoustic blues of John Mayer are easily apparent. “Be This Way” is engaging adult rock with chiming riffs; it’s an easily appealing way to kick off a record. The sprightly summer hooks of “How You Make Me Feel” reel in the ears with its breezy charm. “I Just…” showcases Steele’s soulful voice; however, it’s the Red Hot Chili Peppers-ish balladry of “Ordinary Girl” that is the true X-Factor here.