Album Review

The Vine Brothers unleash exuberant Gypsy jazz and bluesy folk on new album

The Vine Brothers - No Candy

Hailing from the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, the Vine Brothers have the shine of authenticity to them. With a number of Americana acts from large cities and merely adopting backwoods roots sounds, the Vine Brothers are steeped in it. Their latest album, No Candy, is a percolating blend of Gypsy jazz, blues, folk, and country, delivered with sun-baked vocal harmonies and spiky instrumentation. They sound older than dirt and timeless at the same time; their music has one foot in the past but an eye to the future.

Consisting of guitarist Greg Bucking, bassist Garrett Jones, and mandolin player Joe Credit III, the Vine Brothers kick up the dust and jam with infectious vigor. On "Bad Faith," the group speeds through an acoustic jam and lets go of the brake. How exhilarating it is to hear this trio burn the house down with their fast and ferocious stomp. This is clearly a band that knows has the heartland in its soul. "Tea Leaves" opens slowly but then builds up, setting off sparks in a wall of strings.

The Vine Brothers are effortlessly able to tone it down as well. "Mr. Gentry" is soulful and dreamy with ethereal vibraphone contributed by Adams Collins. No Candy is absolutely delicious.