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Will Hoge Pulls No Punches

Will Hoge - My American Dream

Damn, son. I'll being buying that as soon as I get up off the floor.

So believing in standing for the anthem is a “monstrous opinion”?  If not for all the men and women who fought under the flag and that anthem honors, many of whom died for it, Hoge would not have a Constitution to send out with his album, nor the forum to express opinions just as intolerant as those he criticizes.  I’ll pass.

Their kneeling is not any disrespect for the flag or the country. In fact, a number of veterans signed an open letter supporting the NFL players in the efforts to call attention to the deadly discrimination faced by black men (and women) in this country. As a matter of fact, those who died did so to protect the very rights the players are exercising.

Some truth in that, but other groups have said they do find it offensive.  Given plummeting TV ratings for the NFL since this started, I’d say that moretake my view.

Well, we know exactly from whence your view comes. There is actually no evidence that the decline has anything to do with the manufactured controversy over kneeling during the anthem. But it does make for a nice distraction over things like corruption and children being taken from their parents and kept in cages.

Wow, you made quite a leap there.  My stance has nothing to do with Trump or any of his activities.  The NFL naturally attributes their ratings decline to other causes, being the public relations conscious entity that they are, but timing-wise the decline was pretty coincident with the controversy (manufactured or not).  Anecdotally, I have spoken with many, many people who have just turned off the NFL.  And I don’t trust the media to tell me the truth, a distrust that pre-dates Trump’s arrival in politics.

Trumpers always say they aren't Trumpers.

The article I cited is not from the NFL.

You're a Trumper. You know it and I know it. Now go away and MAGA.

So this is what passes as logical argument on the left.  A product of the American school system apparently.  So sad. And so hateful too. Must be a miserable way to live.  Ta-ta.