Album Premiere: Alan Getto 'Versus'

Credit: Courtney Alfery

Alternative folk songwriter and guitarist Alan Getto's debut album, Versus, was released on August 18th, 2017. The LP, recorded over one long weekend at Studio 101A in Southern New Hampshire, was inspired by paradoxical elements of life and Getto's examining of his transition into his current lifestyle, finding a perfect balance between various dualities through his artistic expression. 

Having recently located to an unfinished farmhouse in Western Pennsylvania from Brooklyn, Versus presents Getto's personal confrontation with his own ambivalence. The album intentionally plays with cliché oppositions such as nature vs. the city, good vs. the bad and male vs. female. One can’t exist without the other, and for anything to exist, there must be a degree of conflict: "the versus." 


Getto's guitar-driven, simple melodies act as a backbone for the lyrical emphasis in his music. Having studied literature, theology, and philosophy in college, his lyrics pay homage to these intense, existential topics, but with a unique, irreverent spin. Tracks, "Soap In My Whiskey," and "It's Fine; You're Ugly," present Getto's blunt voice and narrative, with gorgeous melodies and organic, roots-y instrumentals. Getto is inspired by rock, blues and folk legends, such as Tom Waits and The Band, and newer folk artists including, Steve Gunn, Lady Lamb, The Tallest Man On Earth and Deer Tick. 

Having previously released a live EP, All Different Times, Versus is Getto's first full-length body of work. He notes, "Versus is an ode to diversity. It's dedicated to the thing that keeps opposites together. It might be an acoustic guitar vs. an electric guitar, it might be nature vs. city, it might be you vs. me—but hey, at least we're together." Stream Versus in its entirety above and more information visit here.

Artist Alan Getto