Americana Music Comes to Town

Excerpt from 'Without Getting Killed or Caught: The Life and Music of Guy Clark'


Thanks for writing this book on Guy.  He was a real treasure.  I received my copy of the book yesterday and can't wait to dig in.

Very nice Tamara. Gonna look for your book. Thanks my friend

This excerpt made me recall one of the many times I saw Guy live.  It was probably in the early 1990s at a tiny venue in Tampa, Florida called "Skippers Smoke House" or something similar. It had essentially a back covered outside patio/seating area with a small stage.  It was Guy and his son Travis on acoustic bass. Great show. And I noticed Susanna Clark at a table at the back and I would swear she was sitting with Rick Rubin (music producer, rap *and* Johnny Cash later stuff).  I didn't bother her (or him) but it was a magical night. 

Tremendously inspiring, Tamara. About to order the book.